Calvary Baptist Academy is a non-profit, private Christian school.  We do not receive funding from any local, state, or federal government.  The only sources of funds we receive are donations, fundraising, and tuition.

We understand the sacrifice many families make to pay for a private education.  If finances are the ONLY reason you would choose to not send your child to CBA, please contact us so that we can talk about what options may be available to help you and your family.

Finance Schedule:

  1. School tuition is due on the first of each month. Statements will be sent out on the 1st of every month. Accounts not paid by the tenth of the month will be charged a late fee.
  2. Tuition may be paid in 10 monthly payments.  The 1st payment due August 1.
  3. Those wishing to choose the 12 monthly payment plan may do so.  The first payment is due June 1.
  4. All fees must be paid before the report card is issued at the end of each report period. These fees might include tuition, late charges, school pictures, library fines, etc.
  5. An enrollment fee is due with the application for admission and is not refundable.