Textbook: Basic Drama Projects

Fee: $25 to help cover cost of scripts, royalties, costumes, etc.

Drama is for those students who are interested in sharpening their acting and technical skills, and desire to use those skills in drama.  Class size may need to be limited depending on interest from year to year.


  • Sept – May   Character First Chapel

  • Sept.-Oct. Tour play preparation

  • Oct. Stratford Festival

    (optional, cost is $100)

  • Nov. Tour

  • Dec.-Jan. Prepare for MACS

  • Mar.-Apr. MACS Competition

    (All students will participate.)

  • Mar.-May Prepare for school play

    (All students will participate.)

The annual Drama/Choir Tour will cost each student $50.00, plus food.

MACS competition will cost $4.00 or more, plus food, depending on events entered.  Involvement in MACS is required.

The school play requires after school time – Mon.-Fri. 3:30 – 5:30 or later on occasion. Rehearsals are not every day and not every student is required to attend every rehearsal.